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By analyzing your needs and your goals, together we have to create a "people-centric" site, functional and designed for your potential visitors.

Macbook pro officina design project
Macbook pro portfoglio design project
Samsung s21 reverse curriculum design project
Macbbok pro portfolio design create
Macbbok pro portfolio design create
Smatphone reverse curriculum design create
Macbook pro
Macbook pro
Macbbok pro fiorista design create
Macbbok pro holahoop design create
Iphone 12 pro sequoia design create
Antica posteria dei Sabbioni
A familiar place to discover new flavors or rediscover the 'old' ones.

In this project, we developed a comprehensive website for a client in the restaurant industry, aiming to enhance their online presence and streamline their digital operations. Working closely with Nico, our talented videomaker and photographer, and collaborating with the two passionate owners, Elena and Mario, we created a visually appealing design, user-friendly navigation, and seamless integration of various functionalities, including a CMS for easy content management. With a focus on the client's brand identity and target audience, the site showcases their culinary offerings, special events, and booking options, providing an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

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NANU Collection
Finest italian leather bags.

The creation of Nanu Collection's website was a collaborative effort between myself, a seasoned freelance developer, and the visionary founders of Nanu Collection, a burgeoning startup specializing in the sale of luxurious women's handbags. With a shared passion for excellence and a dedication to quality, we embarked on a mission to bring the epitome of Italian craftsmanship to discerning fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Together, we meticulously crafted a digital platform that exudes sophistication and elegance, showcasing a curated selection of exquisite handbags made from the finest Italian materials. From sumptuous leathers to luxurious fabrics and exotic skins, each product on the site reflects the essence of Italian luxury and the meticulous attention to detail that sets Nanu Collection apart. Through seamless collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence, we transformed their vision into a reality, creating a digital destination that celebrates the timeless allure of luxury handbags crafted with passion and precision.

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Exploring a Tapestry of Creative Endeavors

This portfolio is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, where each piece reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. Explore a tapestry of digital experiences, each meticulously crafted to resonate with both the eye and the soul. As you navigate through "Portfolio Showcase," I invite you to embark on an odyssey of artistic discovery, where every project tells a unique story and captures a moment of inspired creativity."

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Don't waste your time.
Stay focused on your business.
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«What you do, and how you do it?
Let me know!»

Whether you have a flower shop, a freelancer, or a DJ, creating your website requires a very specific creative process.
Very often, people make the mistake of creating their own website, for the sole reason of having it, with the result of doing harm rather than increasing and growing their business.
The only thing you need to think about are setting your goals, and:

« Development? Design? Renovation? What do you need? »

Creating a product, specifically a website, does not only consist in technical development and programming.Instead, it is about developing a creation process that takes into account human factors, such as empathy, the needs of the potential end user, as well as the very definition of who this end user will be.

« Design is a process. »

Until recently, commissioning the creation of a website, or a web app, meant hiring a team of developers, who shared the creative and technical aspects. Today, thanks to specific development tools, only one web designer is able to create the same products at the same time, and guaranteeing the customer that he can always deal with the same person.I chose Webflow, and obtained a Webflow Professional certification from the Flux Academy. A development tool like Webflow, allows you to start from a blank sheet, and focus more on the initial design stages, giving absolute priority to the design of the user experience.

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« I introduce myself.
Something about me. »

My name is Cristiano and I live in Italy near Milan. I have always been passionate about technology and computer science. I have always cultivated the hobby of programming, and I have never stopped learning. During the pandemic, I decided to make my hobby something more,
and I earned some online certifications that allowed me to learn what it takes to build websites and web apps.

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< step 1
User need's research

Fundamental  for the success of the project, it serves to identify the potential needs and requirements of the hypothesized target.To verify that the identified target has needs and requirements that correspond to those hypothesized.If the target identified is the correct one.

< step 2

Developing a product, a service, or a function without first knowing what the problem to solve or the goal to achieve is to create something mediocre or waste time to solve further development problems.

< step 3

Once we have defined our goal, or problem to be solved, we will come up with some ideas on how to solve it. We will build on the first two phases, and try to look at the problem from different perspectives to evaluate different ideas.

< step 4

At this point we will proceed to the creation of prototypes that can give an idea of how the final product will be; tests will be carried out to verify the goodness of the solution, and if there are no doubts about it, we will proceed to the final test phase.

< step 5

In this final phase, we evaluate the best solution, considering user experience and potential design corrections. If no issues arise, the final version is ready for launch.

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